Appointment at 9 o’clock
Historical and artistic introduction with maps of the old town, a virtual walk through the history of the main monuments at the hotel (please ask permission before) or in some other historical premises (length about half hour).
The itinerary of the visits: S. Giovanni a Carbonara, testimony of the transition from the gothic style to the Renaissance period much earlier than in Florence. The area of the Capuano Castle, via Tribunali, the superior decumanus of the Greek-Roman town, the Pio Monte della Misericordia Chapel (with one of Caravaggio’ paintings),and some other important chapels in the Cathedral (of St. Gennaro – St Restituta, the crypt under the altar) . A quick lunch in a tavern along the itinerary (included in the price of the tour). Tour in the archeological area under the church of San Lorenzo (The area of the ancient forum) and – if possible (excluding Saturday afternoon and Sunday), visit to the Greek-Roman theatre (there are ongoing works and it depends on the public work in progress) under the buildings situated near P.zza S. Gaetano. If not possible, a guided tour og the church of S. Maria del Purgatorio, famous for the religious worship of the dead people during the plague of the XVIIth century. The tour of the cribs and their history in via San Gregorio Armeno. The visit of the church cloister (if open) or another church nearby. The itinerary ends with a visit to the cloister and the church of S. Chiara.